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Get your message across.organizational public speaking courses

An organization is a conversation machine.  Bosses run meetings, Sales people present to clients, HR recruits and trains, etc.  And if your messages don’t come across as they should you lose time, or money, or goodwill.

The Guy Yariv School of Public Speaking can upgrade the speaking and communication skills of your organization key people.  With proven, practical and entertaining sessions, we bring lasting results to your enterprise.

Experts on your ogranization's needs and uniqueness

Every organization is different, and needs different messages.  That's why we custom tailor each session to YOUR organization by carefully researching your people, products, culture, and market.  So when our instructor walks through your doors he (or she) will be ready to sell, debate, present or story-tell with your team.


Our clients call them 'enlightment-capsules'.  These are focused, one-time workshops for your teams that get one skill across.  It can be a professional skill to boost revenue:  Presentation, sales, video-conferencing etc.  Or it can be an enrichment bonus for workers (but still valuable to the business): Debate, Storytelling, personal growth etc.


For comprehensive and long-lasting upgrade we offer our unique courses.  These series of sessions (Online or Offline) include intensive practice, proven tools, and personalized feedback.

These are courses that change lives and will impact your workers career for years to come.


Our guest lectures are entertaining and insightful.  With loads of insights, stories and tips they are definitely the kind of experience your workers will remember.

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