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Our community of 3900 alumn who overcame stagefirght welcomes you to our activities.
They help you because the best way to learn is to teach.

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Here are some common questions that many of our students have asked before enrolling

Yes. With the right tools and enough effort any one can. After more than 3,900 graduates who have conquered their fear of crowds, we now offer written guaranteed to anyone enrolling: You will beat stagefright or get your money back.
Why? Because we know for sure that anyone willing to work hard can conquer their fear of crowds.

Check our reviews! If you can find someone who finished our course and is both unhappy and un-refunded We'll give you a prize.
Our courses are not easy. But we give a legally-binding written commitment that anyone who is accepted to our course and participates in all the meetings will be completely happy. Or get his/her money back!
Check us.

To gain confidence in front of an audience, and in fact to learn any skill,
You need three things: theory, practice and feedback.
The theory explains what needs to be done.
The practice practically tests that the theory is also successful in the 'real world'.
And the feedback verifies that the practice was able to meet the goals.
Then at the next meeting we check that the practice was successful. Learn more techniques, practice all techniques (including the previous ones), and receive feedback

In addition we use support group tools, cognitive behavioral psychology (CBT) tools, some alternative treatment methods that we have tested and proven themselves, and of course our exclusive tools.

Each meeting begins by reviewing the successes and failures of the participants in the past week:
Who managed to find a place to speak in front of an audience? For those who did not manage to speak, we will check where he avoided and where we can create more opportunities. For those who did speak, we will check how it went: what was good and what was not.

In the next step we will learn techniques for improving security and speaking in front of an audience. They are all practical techniques that give an immediate and visible effect already during the lesson.
After that, most of the lesson is devoted to practice. We make sure that each student practices each lesson, with a degree of difficulty personalized for him, and which gradually increases with his progress.
The third part is feedback: after each practice the participant receives detailed feedback with tips for improvement. The feedback checks not only the success in the classroom practice but also how his progress is in the 'real world'.
Besides the classes, we also have strength training sessions, a debate club and workshops. In short, we have ways of learning that are adapted to everyone!

The regular lessons in the course are taught by Guy Yariv, the leading expert in Israel for speaking in front of an audience and overcoming fear of an audience with 23 years of experience in coaching public speaking and overcoming fear of an audience.
The practice and strengthening sessions are conducted by our mentors, all of whom are graduates of the school who themselves overcame their fear of crowds and today are raising the next cohort with the help of individual guidance and group practice.
Professional workshops are conducted by professional instructors according to the workshop: the debate club is conducted by attorney Rivka Shapadov, development workshops are conducted by Erez Hacham, etc.

Each. Whether you have no experience at all or you have a lot of experience, you can always gain more ability and improve the delivery of the message.

stage fright? A barrier that can be overcome. The tools we offer have been tested especially for people with a fear of crowds and will lead you to levels of confidence and professionalism you never imagined.

Before a student is admitted to the school, he must undergo an orderly assessment of his speech level and fear of the crowd.

The diagnosis, which is exclusive to us and does not exist in Israel, allows us to match the right course to each participant. It also allows us to define the goals thanks to which we are the only ones in the country who are able to give an absolute commitment to satisfaction.

Much! Our practical courses are of the highest quality on the market and to get the most out of them it is important to take them seriously. At least once or twice in full and more serious repetition of the material and assignments.
And if you want to invest more, we will give you endless options to be better!

So maybe you should combine an online course with practical practice and strengthening sessions. That way you can progress with learning at your own pace, and practice when it's convenient for you.
Just keep in mind that we do not make any guarantee of success on this route!

Our school is located in a very accessible place on the street in the Stock Exchange area in Ramat Gan.
We are 5 minutes from the train and a minute from Ayalon.
Suitable for people who also come to us from the far north, the south or from Jerusalem.

Any more questions left? Talk to us!

Our entire team is made up of program graduates who themselves overcame a fear of crowds (and they all once sent such a form...). They will be happy to answer any questions!

Fear of public speaking - useful tips and articles

Eliminate symptoms, reduce anxiety and improve performance - here are our best tips


We are not satisfied with defeating public fear - we insist that it will not return

Here's how Or overcame the crowd's fear on the course, and continues to beat it regularly ever since. It's not luck. It's not a coincidence and it's not 'Fox': it's the hard work of...
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אנטי שביר

Antifragility and how it is related to public speaking in English

A few years ago I wrote an article, which became a collection of techniques for my more ambitious students, on the subject of antifragility in public speaking. The goal was to make speakers completely and utterly immune...
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פחד קהל

Fear of the crowd - explanation and solution

Fear of crowds can hurt anyone and no one is immune to it. But anyone can handle it. And in this lesson we will get proven tools to reduce anxiety. If...
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The difference between procrastination and prevention?

A few years ago I was in a fascinating lecture on procrastination: why we don't do things we know should be done. The topic interested me very much because like everyone...
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פחד קהל מנכל

60 years of victory over public fear - the story of the legendary CEO

 How the legendary CEO of Ford and Chrysler overcame the fear of the crowd in 1957 and maintained confidence throughout his life! Conquering public fear is only the beginning. Later...
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Online courses: For Remote learners, or those with limited time

Overcoming audience anxiety requires practical practice. But there are those who are too far or are afraid to start.

CBT workshop for crowd anxiety - online

Welcome to the CBT workshop for treating anxiety. The workshop gives the theory and a variety of techniques for treating audience anxiety and similar anxieties,...
6 98 ₪99.00

Public speaking course in English for Israelis

Speaking in front of an audience is always difficult... but speaking in front of an audience in English is always more difficult! Somehow when all eyes...
62 12 ₪990.00

Public speaking and stage fright course

Online for the first time: the public speaking course that solved stage fear in 3,900 Israelis Course structure This is the online course...
76 148 ₪799.00

From the media: Our interviews and articles about public speaking

Videos and articles about public speaking in the media


"From the tongue to stress" - she wrote in Globes magazine

11/16/2011 - Shira Barak's article in Lady Globes magazine if you really avoid performing in front of an audience because you feel frozen on stage, talk fast...
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Interview: 5 tips for speaking in front of an audience

  Interview with Orna Datz: 5 tips for speaking in front of an audience An interview on Orna Datz's morning show in which Guy Yariv presents 5 winning tips during the course...
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Interview: Why crowd fear causes physical symptoms

Interview on the program "The Professionals": the reasons and solutions for fear of the audience Shira Felix interviews Guy Yariv about the relationship between stress and anxiety and symptoms - "Why are the eyes on you...
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Ovadia Yosef: genius or idiot?

   Knesset Channel: Rabbi Ovadia's rhetoric After the death of Rabbi Ovadia Yosef, many secularists (and quite a few Ashkenazi ultra-Orthodox) had difficulty explaining the secret of success...
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Interview: A Winning Tip for Overcoming Anxiety Disorder

From an interview on Channel 10: Naama Kesari: "Many of us are familiar with the situation: entering a new place surrounded by people most of whom we don't know, and if we need to make a speech then...
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Public speaking: The ultimate soft skill Lecture at the GeekTime conference

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