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Concentrated weekend course


————-Course details
ο Moderator: Guy Yariv
ο due in: Thursday-Saturday August 23-25
ο Place: public speaking school
Bialik 127, Stock Exchange Area, Ramat Gan
ο cerebro: 1,900 NIS
Special offer for graduates

Graduates of the regular course who want to refresh their knowledge and contribute to the group from their experiences will receive a significant discount. For information - Mimi 050-6488066

parallel courses

Evening course: public speaking
Monday evenings, opening on July 2  For information and registration

—————Course Objectives

A concentrated course of a single weekend to treat the problems of fear of the public and to improve the ability to persuade and the ability to stand effectively in front of an audience.
The course is half as short as the regular courses, and its participants can complete the missing sessions with the next cycle of the evening course.

—————Course structure

Each course has 15 participants, and he Includes 4 three-hour sessions, consisting of a theoretical part, a practice part, and a feedback part.
Each meeting includes a 'lecture' opening where a new technique or rhetorical tool is learned (how to open a speech, how to deal with interruptions from the audience, etc.). After that, the bulk of the lesson is devoted to practice. It is ensured that every participant practices every lesson - no excuses and no evasions. In each lesson, not only the new technique learned is practiced, but also all the techniques acquired since the beginning of the course in order to ensure internalization and assimilation.

At the end of each lesson, each participant receives detailed feedback showing the strengths and weaknesses as well as precise recommendations for improvement. At the beginning of the course the instructor gives all the personal feedback. As the course progresses, the participants learn to give more and more of the feedback themselves.

A few words about stage fright - The course helps to overcome anxieties, pressure and tension that appear while speaking in front of an audience (fear of an audience manifests itself in different ways: damage to the speech sequence, black-out, tension, stuttering, etc.). The course provides an in-depth answer to the phenomenon, but for those who suffer from particularly acute anxiety, it is recommended to add Overcoming fear of the crowd workshop. For more information, you can read an extensive explanation of how the course solves Audience anxiety or watch the presentation Fear of crowds as a social phobia, by a psychologist who graduated from the course.


The content of the lesson

23.8 18:30-21:30

and organizing a speech

Familiarity: How to stand in front of an audience, how not to fear the audience.
content: Order and structure skills practice:
1 minute speeches

Friday 24.8

Content and depth

content: How to develop in-depth explanations and arguments.
style: Body language in 5 circles practice: 2 minute speech

Saturday 25.8

to cope
with disorders

content: How to interrupt effectively, and how to deal with interruptions
style: Demonstrate control over questioners and interrupters practice: Speeches 4 d + questions

Mochash 25.8

Audience reading +
Video practice

content: How to 'read' the audience and adapt yourself to it
style: Adapting the message to the audience with the help of practice: Videotaped speech