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Premium course for standing in front of an audience - 4/25 - places sold out


נגמרו המקומות בקורס.  ניתן להצטרף לרשימת המתנה למחזור הבא

When confidence and professionalism in front of an audience are your most important challenges, the premium course for standing in front of an audience will boost you to the highest possible level. The best techniques that have proven themselves with the most extended and comprehensive course for speaking in front of an audience. For those who owe the best results:

קורס פרימיום לדיבור מול קהל

What do you get at the end of a premium course for standing in front of an audience?

  • Excellent speaking ability in front of any audience and on any subject
  • You could stand up without preparation and speak well even when surprised
  • Drastic decrease in crowd fear and avoidance
  • Disappearance of symptoms and signs of anxiety
  • Enjoyment and positive experiences a quarter of the time in front of an audience

100% Commitment to success and satisfaction:

We guarantee these results and full satisfaction for every student who completed the course in full without any small letters. really!

  • Course details:

    • Friday mornings, 5 academic hours from 9:30-13:30
    • 8 face-to-face meetings from April 12
    • Tuition 5,900 NIS including the cold and all bonuses
  • bonuses

    • Videos To start learning immediately - Gift! (value 799 NIS)
    • Consultation and diagnosis with Guy Yariv - Gift! (Normal value: NIS 750)
    • practice sessions Unlimited groups with experienced mentors (199 NIS 21)
    • Comprehensive course book of 170 pages (value NIS 99)
    • For early registrants: reinforcement meetings Unlimited until the start of the course (199 NIS 21)
    • Graduates of the course participate free of charge in the club The debate Ours, in the forum The graduates and mentors, and in the national team The volunteer lecturers.

How do you learn public speaking?

The course has up to 10 participants, and it encompasses 8 4-hour sessions (and unlimited reinforcement sessions!), consisting of learning techniques, practical practice standing in front of an audience, and detailed feedback.

  • The techniques: Each meeting opens with a fascinating lecture in which we will learn 10-15 super-useful techniques for speaking in front of an audience:
    How to open a speech, how to deal with interruptions, body language, etc.
  • Practice: The main part of the lesson is devoted to practice. In the premium course, double the practice than the regular course: each participant will practice twice in the class - no excuses and no evasions.
    In each class, not only the new technique learned is practiced, but also all the techniques acquired since the beginning of the course in order to ensure that no skill is forgotten or lost.
  • feedback: The secret to improving and overcoming anxiety is feedback.
    At the end of each exercise you will receive detailed feedback on your strengths and weaknesses and practical solutions for each weakness. At this point you will acquire another 20-25 techniques. At the beginning of the course the instructor gives all the personal feedback, but during the course the participants learn to analyze the speeches and give feedback to each other and to themselves.


The content of the lesson


and the organization of the speech

Introduction: how to stand in front of an audience, how not to fear the audience
Content: Order and structure skills - Brainstorming > Filtering > Sorting
Practice: speech for 1 minute


Body Language
and developing arguments

Content: Developing arguments - how to explain things so that the audience understands and is convinced
Style: body language in 5 circles (eye contact, face, hands, standing, position)
Practice: 2 minute speech


Deal with
Questions and interruptions

Content: How to maintain continuity during interruptions, and how to answer questions from the audience well
Style: hand movements while speaking
Practice: delivering training while dealing with questions


and empowerment

How to analyze speeches, influence others, and thus learn to empower them and yourself
Style: use of voice and movement in space
Practice: give feedback to the participant in front of the whole audience


and teamwork

Content: How to prepare for a speech in an orderly manner and without increasing pressure
Speaking in front of an audience in a team
Practice: a speech prepared in advance 


self appearance
(and video practice)

Content: How to present yourself properly in a business and/or social situation

Content: How we look when we are photographed
Practice: videotaped self-presentation



Content: How to plan and deliver a presentation
Style: maintaining contact with an emphasis on fluent speech
Practice: delivering a 12-slide presentation


how to continue
and get better on your own

content: How to continue and improve yourself after the course
           How to deal when what you planned to say is 'stolen'.
Practice: presenting a plan on how to continue practicing and improving