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Morning course for performing in front of an audience


 הקורס המהיר והיעיל ביותר לדיבור מול קהל במבצע מיוחד

ο Facilitator: Guy Yariv
ο Times: Every Friday morning (12:30 – 9:30)
ο Place: The public speaking school
ο שכל כל: 4,900  Only 4,400 NIS
הרשמה מוקדמת + בונוס: מפגשי תיגבור ללא הגבלה עד פתיחת הקורס!

Course Objectives

The course solves Problems of crowd fear (Most effectively. For each student who completes the course. 100% guarantee or money back).
The course improves persuasiveness and the ability to stand effectively in front of an audience.

Bonuses worth thousands of shekels for registrants:

  • 6 practice sessions Group classes with experienced mentors (199 NIS 21)
  • Videos With 78 videos full of techniques and tools (worth NIS 799)
  • Comprehensive course book of 170 pages (value NIS 99)
  • For early registrants: reinforcement meetings Unlimited until the start of the course (199 NIS 21)

Course structure

בכל קורס כ-10 משתתפים, והוא מקיף 6 שיעורים וכן עד 12 תיגבורים בני שלוש שעות כ”א, המורכבים מחלק תיאורטי, חלק של תרגול, וחלק של משוב.
Each session includes a learning session where new techniques are learned to improve confidence and performance (how to open a speech, how to deal with interruptions from the audience, etc.). After that, the bulk of the lesson is devoted to practice. It is ensured that every participant practices every lesson - no excuses and no evasions. To ensure long-term results, the students practice in each lesson not only the new technique learned, but also all the techniques acquired since the beginning of the course.

After each practice, each participant receives detailed feedback showing the strengths and weaknesses as well as precise recommendations for improvement. At the beginning of the course the instructor gives all the personal feedback. As the course progresses, the participants learn to give more and more of the feedback themselves.

A few words about stage fright - The course helps to overcome anxieties, pressure and tension that appear while speaking in front of an audience (fear of an audience manifests itself in different ways: damage to the speech sequence, black-out, tension, stuttering, etc.). The course provides an in-depth answer to the phenomenon, but for those who suffer from particularly acute anxiety, it is recommended to add Overcoming fear of the crowd workshop. For more information, you can read an extensive explanation of how the course solves Audience anxiety or watch the presentation Fear of crowds as a social phobia, by a psychologist who graduated from the course.


The content of the lesson


and organizing a speech

Familiarity: How to stand in front of an audience, how not to fear the audience.
content: Order and structure skills practice:
1 minute speeches


Content and depth

content: How to develop in-depth explanations and arguments.
style: Body language in 5 circles practice: 2 minute speech


to cope
with questions

content: How to interrupt effectively, and how to deal with interruptions
style: Controlling and interfering practice: Tutorials' + questions


Feedback for continuous improvement

content: How to analyze speeches to produce continuous self-improvement
style: Body measurement  practice: Giving feedback to yourself in front of an audience


Introduction to presentations +
Video practice

content: PowerPoint and how to use it to upgrade the presentation
style: Performance in front of a camera practice: Videotaped speech


presentations powerpoint

content: Building a presentation that people enjoy seeing and hearing
style: The Tango Presentations dance  practice: Delivering a 5 d presentation