A hybrid course for public speaking



Learn to speak in front of an audience the fastest, most effective and most profitable way

Hybrid course: practice in class, learn online

Weekly practice session on campus

Flexible digital course

at your own pace in your budget

Speaking in front of an audience:
Both in digital and crying

To learn public speaking you need an audience: for practice, for feedback, to make sure there are results. It is expensive - but necessary.

But many parts of the learning and preparation can be done online from home: listening to lectures... preparing presentations... voice and body language development exercises...
They are not required in class. Maybe even better to make them at home. quietly.
The hybrid program combines the advantages of face-to-face learning and practical practice for the most effective, most flexible and least expensive course - which still overcomes fear of the crowd and teaches to perform.

How do you combine face-to-face and digital learning of speaking in front of an audience?

Practice in a weekly training session

  • Every Sunday, a practice and mentoring meeting at our offices in the Stock Exchange complex in Raz.
  • First step - individual mentoring: our instructor will sit with you on the techniques you learned online, answer questions, practice with you 1-on-1 and give you feedback and tips for improvement.
  • Second step: all the mentors and all the students gather for a practice where you can present in front of a 'real' audience and get feedback

...and online learning lectures

  • You don't have to sit in a classroom or get stuck in traffic to listen to lessons.
  • We turned the course into 80 short videos that teach all course techniques. And watch them whenever it's convenient for you, at whatever pace you want, without leaving the house.
  • In addition: a textbook (180 pages), PowerPoint presentations and of course an online forum for questions and answers

Progress exactly at your own pace

  • The combination of the frontal and the digital allows you to progress quickly or slowly
  • Faster? You can 'binge' the digital course and learn all the techniques to become a professional speaker in one day!
  • slowly? The strengthening sessions are held every Sunday, so you can spread the learning over a week, month or year. Just as you like

How is a hybrid course for public speaking structured?

Level of study:

Beginners and intermediates.
without fear of a fierce crowd

Where do you study:

Theory: Online
Practice: Bialik 127 reg

When do you study?

Theory: whenever you want
Practice: Sundays from 18-21

Teaching method

online + frontal


The basics of public speaking

18 videos + presentation + 2 assignments + practice session in front of a live audience

  •  How to be able to speak well and without mistakes even with zero preparation
  • An end to 'blackouts': how to make sure what you meant to say gets through
  • A clear and convincing structure that will ensure a professional impression (almost) on any subject
  • Impressive performance: confident body language and clear and strong speech


Quality, interesting and fun content

20 presentation lessons + 3 assignments + practice session in front of a live audience

  • Create quality, interesting and convincing content easily and quickly
  • Confidently present multidisciplinary knowledge to a senior audience and easily to the general audience
  • Learn to enjoy presenting stories and examples (even during audience anxiety!)
  • Make your content more prominent and memorable than other speakers


Audience involvement and handling of questions

21 videos + presentation + question and answer session with a live audience

  • Use questions to demonstrate confidence and professionalism (even during audience anxiety)
  • Stop being afraid of questions and use them to improve the relationship with the audience.
  • Develop resistance to surprises, malfunctions, and interruptions.
  • How to answer even when you don't know. and turn "not knowing" into an expression of professionalism


Feedback: improve safety and professionalism

23 videos + 2 assignments + practice session and feedback for speeches

  • How to give and receive constructive criticism from people who have not learned to speak in front of an audience.
  • How to use constructive criticism defeats audience fear and builds long-term confidence.
  • Use constructive criticism to improve yourself when the course is over
  • How to teach others to speak and thus improve yourself

Practice sessions every week:
turn theory into reality. Infront of audience.

Our mentors will sit with you until you are able to apply in front of an audience
the techniques you learned in the digital course

3 reasons to take a hybrid course

time or distance limit

If you can't make it to class every week in the standard course, a hybrid course might be better for you

  1. Living abroad?
  2. Serving in the paratroopers?
  3. Doing an internship in Soroka?

lack of crowd fear

If you don't have a special fear of the public then the hybrid course will get you the professional skills faster, more flexible and less expensive

  1. Don't you avoid talking?
  2. Do you have any symptoms of stress?
  3. Want to start talking now?

budget limit

The hybrid course includes only online practice, saves you expensive lectures (both digital) and therefore costs 70% less than a standard course.

And if that's not good enough?
You can always register for the full course and pay only the difference

We are a public speaking school. Nice to meet you

How do you measure quality in public speaking?

When we teach public speaking we face three tests that no course meets. Each test strengthens us, and the other two:

1. Excellence in our public speaking:
We know we are being tested on our speech, so we pay attention to every word, every movement and every story. This is how we preserve the brand.

2. Excellence of our students in front of an audience
Our excellence is a means. The success of our students is the goal. That's why we sit with each of them until they succeed. Also in the hybrid course.

3. Excellence in public speaking instruction
How do we make our students excellent? With the most effective techniques tested every lesson of every cycle of every course

16 years of experience. Thousands of satisfied graduates

among our clients


Some of our great tutors

Erez is an instructor for speaking in front of an audience, and conducts workshops for voice development and speech improvement.

Since 2019, Erez has been the most dedicated, most invested mentor and that brings the most students to achievements in front of an audience.

Erez does not keep his initiative to himself, but teaches it in the 'Everything from the voice' workshops where he teaches how to sound like a CEO

Erez Hacham, workshop instructor

Graduated from the November 2019 class

Aviv was injured in the army and the doctors told him that he would not be able to walk anymore. 5 years later he climbed Kilimanjaro in Kenya.

Aviv came to us to face an equally great difficulty: a paralyzing fear of an audience that blocked the dream of lecturing about his life story to soldiers and others who faced injury.

Today, Aviv not only conquered the fear of the audience and became a presentation guide - he is also the captain of our team of volunteer lecturers!

Aviv Shitrit

Presentation guide, manager of the team of volunteer lecturers

Ira came to us as a fourth year student. She had seminars to present and she wanted to make sure they were the best they could be.

Two weeks after the start of the course, she received a super-scary opportunity: to appear on a live broadcast of Tel Aviv University in preparation for the launch of a satellite that her team had built. With the help of two lessons and two reinforcements, Ira was able to represent the students at a better level than the professors on the panel!

Ira Tsiganov, mentor

Engineer, VP at an energy company. Class of Nov. 20

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Answers to frequently asked questions about the hybrid course

Not sure. It all depends on how acute the crowd's fear is. For that we have Diagnostic questionnaire Clinical which we developed precisely to answer the question. 

After you fill it out we will know if the hybrid course is enough or if you should take the standard course.

quite a lot. Since only the practice here is practical, you will have to invest in studying the lecture online. If it's hard for you to learn on your own, it's better to take the standard course.

We recommend a month, but it is possible within a day and possible within a year.

The digital course can be studied within a day. 80 videos is something you can watch quickly. And if you have a lot of opportunities to speak in front of an audience this can be enough!

Our practical practice sessions are held every week, so to participate in the four sessions included in the price you need about a month. On the other hand, you don't have to come every week. You can spread the learning over more time: but then it is only important to maintain a study sequence!

127 Bialik Street in Ramat Gan. (diamond exchange complex).
200 meters from the Halacha interchange and a five minute walk from the train.

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