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Standard evening course for performing in front of an audience - opening on 3/6


הקורס הבסיסי לדיבור מול קהל ששידרג את ההופעה ופתר פחד-קהל ליותר מ-4,000 ישראלים!

  • 6 מפגשים מ-3 ביוני עד 8 ביולי
  • כל יום שני בערב
  • Hours: 18:30-21:30
  • Tuition: 4,900 NIS

Come improve your confidence and professionalism in front of an audience with the help of a practical course for performing in front of an audience. Just one evening a week and you overcome audience anxiety and upgrade your speech and persuasion skills within a month and a half with the help of the standard course that taught thousands of Israelis to stand confidently in front of any audience, speak effectively and professionally, and overcome audience anxiety. This is the only course that since 2007 promises to improve safety and professionalism (and for 100% a refund even at the end of the course)

Course structure for performing in front of an audience

קורס ערב להופעה מול קהל
Practical practice in the evening performance course in front of an audience

Each course has up to 12 participants, and it encompasses 6 three-hour sessions, consisting of a theoretical part, a practice part, and a feedback part.
Each session includes a 'lecture' opening where a new technique or rhetorical tool is learned (how to open a speech, how to deal with interruptions from the audience, etc.). After that, we will devote most of the class time to practical practice: each participant will practice each lesson. No excuses and no evasions. In each class, we practice not only the new tools, but also all the techniques acquired from the beginning of the course, and thus we guarantee that no skill is forgotten or lost.

At the end of each lesson, each participant receives detailed feedback showing the strengths and weaknesses as well as precise recommendations for improvement. At the beginning of the course the instructor gives all the personal feedback. As the course progresses, the participants learn to give more and more of the feedback themselves.

A commitment to overcoming crowd fear 

The course for performing in front of an audience helps to overcome anxieties, pressure and tension that appear while speaking in front of an audience (including the various symptoms: tremors, stuttering, damage to the speech sequence, black-outs, tension, etc.). The course provides an in-depth answer to the phenomenon. In addition, we offer personal mentoring sessions for those who register early as well  Overcoming fear of the crowd workshop. For more information on how the standard course for performing in front of an audience (evening/morning) is solved Audience anxiety.

Delays, deductions and cancellations policy


The content of the lesson


and the organization of the speech

Introduction: how to stand in front of an audience, how not to fear the audience
Content: Order and structure skills - Brainstorming > Filtering > Sorting
Practice: speech for 1 minute


Body Language
and developing arguments

Content: Developing arguments - how to explain things so that the audience will understand and be convinced
Style: body language in 5 circles (eye contact, face, hands, standing, position)
Practice: 2 minute speech


Deal with

Content: How to maintain continuity during interruptions, and how to answer questions from the audience well
Style: hand movements while performing in front of an audience
Practice: delivering training while dealing with questions


Constructive criticism
and long-term improvement

Content: Use feedback to self and others to improve and improve
Style: How to recognize and improve tone, rhythm, emphasis and humor
Practice: pass training, passing feedback to other participants


self appearance
(and video practice)

Content: How to present yourself properly in a business and/or social situation
Style: How we look when photographed
Practice: videotaped self-presentation



Content: How to plan and deliver a presentation
Style: maintaining contact with an emphasis on fluent speech
Practice: delivering a 12-slide presentation

Bonuses worth thousands of shekels for registrants: