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Public speaking course in English - 20/6


Is your English failing in front of an audience? You have come to the right place!

In one course you will upgrade also the english and also the security and also the performance

Since 2007 our courses have utilized the synergy between speaking in front of an audience and speaking in English so that improvement in one leads to improvement in the other. Double results in one course.

The course is intended for Israelis with good or better English (=non-native speakers) who are required to present in front of an audience in English. The course combines training in the art of speaking together with building fluency and self-confidence in the English language.

  • Practice in front of an audience at a level that is adapted to your progress
  • Simulations from the world of business/technology/academia
  • Learn how to persuade, teach, explain, guide, deliver a presentation, give feedback and more
  • Quality groups that integrate into a cohesive community
  • Detailed personal feedback after each practice + practical tips

The assimilation of English through a large amount of frontal practice in front of a live audience under close guidance. The practice is possible thanks to relatively long lessons (4 hours per session) in which full assimilation in English is achieved. Since most Israelis who speak in front of an audience in English also do so on Zoom, the course also includes learning and practicing the rules of appearing in video calls.

Each session lasts 3 hours and consists of theory, practice and feedback. A variety of types of simulations that provide skills for life: discussions in committees, teamwork, presentations, negotiations, debates and more. Each exercise includes a theoretical explanation of persuasion techniques and the manners accepted abroad in this field. After that, all participants practice in front of an audience (no excuses and no evasions), and after each exercise each participant receives detailed personal feedback with recommendations for improvement for next time.

Course requirements

Required English level:
The course will be held entirely in English, therefore requires understanding and fluent speaking. There is no requirement for English at a native language level, and in fact most participants come to improve their fluency and confidence, but a level of knowledge is required that will allow you to participate in classes, introduce yourself and your field of professional practice, and direct questions to other participants who will introduce themselves.
Your accent and the amount of errors in your speech are not relevant at all - in fact, these are exactly the problems we will learn to manage and overcome.

Required level of speaking in front of an audience:
In short: if you speak in front of an audience, the course is suitable for you. If you always avoid it, it is better to start with a basic course in Hebrew.
And by extension: one of the goals of the course is to improve safety in front of an audience. Therefore, most of the participants have a degree of crowd fear. If your audience anxiety is very severe, it is possible and we recommend that you start with our excellent workshops for audience fear that are held in Hebrew.

  • capable? Welcome to register.
  • Unable? Improve your English and/or speaking skills and get back to us.
  • Not sure? Talk to us and we will assess your level together.

Bonuses worth thousands of shekels

Practice sessions by video call

Since many Israelis are required to speak in front of an audience in English through video calls, we include in the price of the course 4 online practice and reinforcement sessions in video calls ('Zoom') where we will practice the techniques of the online English course. The meetings are not mandatory but contribute a lot to the participants.

Personal and digital course

Online accompanying course

The course contents are recorded on video and uploaded to the learning system of the course to allow the participants to hear again all the explanations and techniques. The companion course is available to course participants forever even after the course ends.

Membership in the debate club

Even after you finish the course, you can participate for a year in our debate club meetings where you will practice the techniques of the course at a higher and higher level. In debate you will improve your speech and persuasion skills, you will learn to think faster and more deeply on your feet, and you will develop more resistance to crowd fear along with intellectual skills for life.

Final presentation recorded in HD quality

Your final presentation in front of an audience will be recorded in high quality and the video can be used by you for marketing and training purposes

  1. Classes: Sunday evenings from 18:30-21:30
    127 Bialik St. in Ramat Gan
  2. practices: Every Tuesday, 18:00 to 21:00
    in an online video call
  3. Location: 127 Bialik Street, Ramatgan



Lesson content (theory)

The practice method



Getting to know and getting used to English
Introductory lecture: language preservation under pressure
Building a work plan to improve speaking ability in English

Formal and informal self-presentation in English


The basics of public speaking: how to measure success and progress
Techniques for improving fluency (reducing 'uh-uh')
Vocabulary protection
Final briefing: how to practice the techniques outside

Short and impromptu speeches (one minute)



Prepare your English for a presentation
Introductory lecture: leveraging English for a speech

Team progress report speeches


How to use the audience to improve English
What do you do before, during and after the speech?
Coordination of expectations and self-humor + emphasis on multiculturalism

Training includes answers to questions



Lecture: How to stop thinking in Hebrew and start thinking in English
Techniques for creating an English-supportive environment without flying

Team report speeches


Vocabulary exercises for advanced students:
How to make your vocabulary sound bigger

Exercise presenting a work plan



Debate: to convince under pressure, in front of an audience
How to manage confrontations in front of an audience in English (multicultural emphasis)

Debate - speeches for and against in pairs (5 minutes)


Effective presentations with minimal effort
How to deliver a presentation so that both you and the audience enjoy it

Business presentation

for the course program in EnglishTo join, dial: 077-8200201

The public speaking course is intended for Israelis who speak reasonable English (ie- not native speakers) who need to talk to an English-Speaking audience. The course combines training in rhetoric with improving flow and self-confidence using English.

The course's aim is achieved through intensive practice in front of a live audience under personal guidance and coaching. This amount of exercises is accomplished thanks to long sessions (4 hours per session) in which complete immersion in English is achieved.

The practice sessions conform to speaking to an audience under a variety of business-related scenarios: committee discussions, team work, presentations, negotiations and debate. Every exercise begins with a briefing on the persuasion techniques involved and the etiquette relevant to the practiced business situation. After the briefing all the participants practice live (no exemptions, no excuses...) and then each participant receives a detailed and personal feedback report, complete with recommendations for the next public speaking exercises.