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For organizations: public speaking course in English


  • Instructions: Guy Yariv
  • Place: 127 Bialik St. (next to the Diamond Exchange)
  • Times: Sundays, 18:00-22:00
  • opening: August 5
  • Tuition: 2,900 NIS
For beginners / those who suffer from fear of crowds:
Hebrew course

An effective course to improve persuasion
and self-confidence in front of an audience.
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Public speaking course in English Combines advanced training in the art of speaking together with building fluency and self-confidence in the English language.  the course Intended for Israelis with reasonable English (meaning - not a native language) who need to perform in front of an audience in English.

The course is based on the assimilation of English through a large amount of practice in front of an audience under close guidance. The practice is possible thanks to relatively long lessons (4 hours per session) in which full assimilation in English is achieved.

Practice is based on speaking in front of an audience in a variety of simulations from the business world - committee discussions, teamwork, presentations, negotiations, debates and more. Each exercise includes a theoretical explanation of persuasion techniques and the manners accepted abroad in this field. After that, all participants practice in front of an audience (no excuses and no evasions), and after each exercise each participant receives detailed personal feedback with recommendations for improvement for next time.


Lesson content (theory)

practical practice


Getting to know and getting used to English

Formal and informal self-presentation in English

The basics of public speaking

Speech/lecture of each participant about his work


Body language in Israel and abroad + introduction to training

Passing a lesson plan

Developing arguments and explanations

Each participant's rate for his work


How to prepare for a speech

Open panel discussion

How to make a presentation

Speech/lecture of each participant about his work


How to prepare for team speeches

Debate - speeches in pairs for and against (5 minutes)

Transferring a presentation

Powerpoint presentations


Dealing with questions and interruptions

Committee discussion

formal negotiations

A discussion with a negotiator in the committee


Advanced presentation delivery

PowerPoint presentations (7 minutes)

Summary exercise

Debate - discussions for and against in groups of three (7 minutes 21)

Completion rateSince many of the students of the course are forced to miss classes due to traveling abroad, there will be a concentrated make-up meeting on Friday, two weeks after the end of the course, where each student will present a set of lessons he learned for the benefit of the student(s) who missed it. This lesson covers all the theoretical material of the course in a single session.
* optional: Workshop for appearing in the media - a workshop in a TV studio with practice of interviews and discussions in English. Getting to know foreign media and learning techniques to get through a better screen (price: 600 NIS)

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