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Advanced public speaking training


Graduates of the regular courses, and those interested with extensive experience in speaking in front of an audience are invited to join our advanced courses and take another level. The school offers 4 continuation tracks for graduates, with courses that provide enormous value in themselves, and also preserve and upgrade the tools acquired in the basic course.


A lecture at the Litigation Conference of the Lahabrik Bar Association in front of an audience under pressure. Come join a club that boosts your persuasiveness and the ability to withstand pressure. Debate is an intellectual 'sport' in which the participants speak for and against controversial issues and have to produce persuasive speeches within minutes.

The club meets every Wednesday at 18:30-21:30, with each meeting learning persuasion techniques, then practicing under high pressure. The club participants also go to external competitions and represent us with honor

What is a debate? – How to Register

סמינר מרוכז לדיבור מול קהל - חוה"מ סוכות

Training for performing at conferences and huge audiences (Hebrew/English)

Conferences are a huge opportunity for personal and professional exposure. But the demands are also high: in front of a crowd of tens, hundreds or thousands you must be at your best, or as we call it achieve a score of '5-wow': wow in the performance, wow in the experience, wow in the presentation, wow in the audience activation, and wow in the humor and the audience activation .

Conference course  The center for volunteer lecturers

workshop workshops

Come and create workshops, content, students - and money for yourself.
If you have professional knowledge that people can use, workshops and lectures are a great way to help people, earn money and more than that - gain real job satisfaction.

In the workshops, you learn everything you need to know to set up your own workshop: how to characterize the 'product', turn it from a program into lesson plans, and from lesson plans into unforgettable workshops, how to get interested people and how to get them to register and pay.

workshop workshops

Training of public speaking tutors

Graduates of the school are invited to participate in training and initiation workshops (free of charge) and then join our circle of mentors who accompany new students in the regular courses.

The mentors learn how to *teach* speaking in front of an audience, how to get people to break through barriers and overcome audience anxiety, and of course learn advanced performance and training techniques themselves.

Our set of mentors – Mentors workshop