Israeli Hasbara course for beginners

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at a symbolic price for the war period

Today's wars are won online. Those who manage to control the message arena manage to mobilize support, forces, money, intelligence, fire, fighters and international backing. So if you are not enlisted in the reserves, it is important that you enlist as a matter of urgency for the information effort because we have a war forever.

We have started building the course and in the next few hours we will upload more and more content - you are invited to suggest tools to the committee.

In the workshop we will learn how to make our message catchy, and then spread it to as many foreign audiences as possible. Join us and we will learn how to get out of the comfort zone, decide on messages, find audiences, produce content - then make the world understand and thus contribute to our victory.

What does the course include:

  • Presentation  (uploaded now!) + written explanations on how to make an advocacy from scratch (coming soon)
  • WhatsApp group To share content and answer questions and show off successes
  • List of military personnel: preferred targets for Israeli propaganda

What is needed for a Zoom workshop

  1. Quality zoom connection. We will work with cameras.
    And if you have two devices, that's great, because that way you can work on one while you watch the course with the other!
  2. Content you would like to transfer
    In the WhatsApp group of the course you will get a lot of content to share: photos, videos, explanations and instructions.
    But it's more personal and convincing if it's yours from the inside.
  3. Notebook and stationery
    We have a lot to learn. And it is important to preserve knowledge
  4. And that's it. 
    It's not a story at all. Right?

What you should but don't have to

  1. A foreign language to speak or write in
    English, Russian, Spanish and even Arabic - even at a basic level. Otherwise you don't have the ability to communicate with a foreign audience, you talk to ourselves and don't do outreach. You are still invited to the workshop, but do not disturb.
  2. A tripod or something to put the camera on
    It will be difficult and tiring for you to hold the camera in your hand. Then the hand will shake and so will the photograph. Today you can buy a selfie stick for NIS 50 that includes a tripod.
    If you want to make videos as well (you don't have to. There are plenty that can be shared) you will have better quality.
  3. headphones
    Like the tripod: it will help you learn, and if you want to record it will improve the recording. Improve the quality of the sound, but somewhat harm the way the video looks. So if you have great. And if there isn't, then that's fine too.

What is not required:

  • No experience needed
    We're starting from scratch, so even if you've never done it that's fine.
  • A sophisticated video camera or a cell phone
    People have made world revolutions with phones much cheaper than yours


If there's anything we've seen from the war in Ukraine, it's the importance of controlling social networks, the media, and the global narrative. The Russians failed in this externally but succeeded internally. Therefore, the Ukrainians managed to maintain their independence and power - and on the other hand, because of the Russian success in sending messages to the interior, their corrupt leadership remained in power and managed to maintain the war. I guess the lesson is clear.

Course Features

  • Lectures 6
  • Quizzes 0
  • Duration 10 weeks
  • Skill level All levels
  • Language Hebrew
  • Students 14
  • Assessments Yes