Public speaking course in English for Israelis

ESL Public speaking in English-

Speaking in front of an audience is always difficult...
But speaking in front of an audience in English is always more difficult!

Somehow when all eyes are on us, the flow stops, the vocabulary shrinks and the desire to be silent increases. And that's even before the symptoms...

Now is the time to learn public speaking - in English

The first public speaking course designed for speakers of English as a second language. Combines performance, persuasion and confidence skills as well as improving fluency and articulation in English.
And the best? that the course builds synergy between the two types of abilities so that each one improves the other: improving English improves presentation skills, and the skills of speaking confidently in front of an audience eliminate the 'ah-ahs' and create a continuous and professional message. And that's those who are able to speak well in English in 1-on-1, but

Online? physical? online-live? How does it actually work?

The course includes three components that can be taken individually or in any combination, depending on preferences and needs:

  • Online course: the fastest, cheapest and most convenient option
    70 online lessons that will introduce you to all the techniques to improve English fluency and persuasiveness. Read more... The course includes a forum for questions and consultation, as well as assignments, tests and practical exercises. The course gives all the theory and techniques for speaking fluently in front of an audience in English.
    Cost: 199 NIS Course duration: about 3 weeks. Opening date: now. don't wait
  • Live Online Course: Group Zoom. As in high-tech, only with an escort
    A series of Zoom group meetings conducted 100% in English and practicing presentations, lessons and meetings - speaking in English in front of an audience.
    It's not just learning and practical practice in English: it's also an opportunity to share practical problems, get feedback on your presentation and English, and make sure the course provides the 'all in'*
    Cost: NIS 990 including the digital course + 4 practice sessions and feedback (online in English, physically in Hebrew)
  • Live physical course: present face to face. Like in the real world, without discounts.
    Adding a series of face-to-face meetings in 100% English in which we will learn all the techniques of the course and also practice and receive feedback.
    An opportunity to treat anxieties, symptoms, body language and physical appearance. More intensive treatment of anxieties and barriers of speaking in front of an audience and of language
    Cost: 2900 NIS 4 face-to-face lessons + 4 practice sessions + the digital course

Who participates in the program?

Most of the participants are professionals who are required to speak English at work or school. They have limited experience in performing in front of an audience and their English is good (even very good) but far from being a mother tongue. Most of them also suffer from mild to moderate fear of crowds (for those suffering from severe fear of crowds it is better to start with a fear of crowds course)

In addition, the group has new immigrants and foreign residents in managerial positions who are required to speak in front of an audience and their Hebrew is too weak to participate in Hebrew courses.

And who is the guide? And how is his English?

The course is taught by the CEO and founder of the public speaking school, Guy Yariv. He has 25 years of experience teaching public speaking and treating stage fright.

His English is excellent, but not a native language: Guy was twice ranked first in the European Championship for speakers of English as a foreign language (2002, and 2004), a product of a prestigious high school in the USA and a stay as a Hebrew teacher at a summer camp.

What do you get in the course?

the course

public speaking skills

Improving fluency and confidence in English

  • You could tell a story
  • Improving body language and performance
  • Management of questions and interruptions
  • Professional and impressive wording
  • Elimination of blackouts and stuttering
  • Improving fluency and vocabulary
  • Ability to think in English
  • understand codes of foreign speech

How is the course structured?

The public speaking course in English is intended for Israelis with reasonable English (ie - not a native language) who need to appear in front of an audience in English. The course combines training in the art of speaking together with building fluency and self-confidence in the English language.

The course is based on the assimilation of English through a large amount of practice in front of an audience under close guidance. The practice is possible thanks to relatively long lessons (4 hours per session) in which full assimilation in English is achieved.

Practice is based on speaking in front of an audience in a variety of simulations from the business world - committee discussions, teamwork, presentations, negotiations, debates and more. Each exercise includes a theoretical explanation of persuasion techniques and the manners accepted abroad in this field. After that, all participants practice in front of an audience (no excuses and no evasions), and after each exercise each participant receives detailed personal feedback with recommendations for improvement for next time.

The public speaking course is intended for Israelis who speak reasonable English (ie- not native speakers) who need to talk to an English-Speaking audience. The course combines training in rhetoric with improving flow and self-confidence using English.

The course's aim is achieved through intensive practice in front of a live audience under personal guidance and coaching. This amount of exercises is accomplished thanks to long sessions (4 hours per session) in which complete immersion in English is achieved.

The practice sessions conform to speaking to an audience under a variety of business-related scenarios: committee discussions, team work, presentations, negotiations and debate. Every exercise begins with a briefing on the persuasion techniques involved and the etiquettes relevant to the practiced business situation. After the briefing all the participants practice live (no exemptions, no excuses...) and then each participant receives a detailed and personal feedback reports, complete with recommendations for the next public speaking exercises.

Course Features

  • Lectures 62
  • Quizzes 0
  • Duration 9 hours
  • Skill level All levels
  • Language Hebrew
  • Students 12
  • Assessments Yes

    Guy Yariv is teaching Public Speaking for Second-Language English speakers for over 25 years now. He's been named best ESL speaker and top ESL speaking team in the European Debating championships.

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