Course Overview

Course Overview


From zero to a hundred in an effective presentation
All the tools for a winning presentation

24 quality concentrated lessons that will teach you all the elements of a winning presentation including:

  • To perform professionally and confidently in front of any audience
  • Beautiful, exciting and effective presentations - easily!
  • 'No-fail' techniques to protect against any malfunction
  • Controlling fear of crowds: reducing symptoms and stress
  • All the tips from 16 years of experience
  • Bonus: a practical practice framework

What do you get with the course?

  • 370 tips for a winning performance in front of an audience
  • 24 focused lessons
  • 5 full-length presentations + templates
  • A guide to fear of crowds
  • Exclusive bonuses:
    • Group practice session to present the presentation
    • 150 NIS gift for the purchase of a fear of the crowd workshop
    • Facebook group with feedback for presentations

Special offer for a limited time!

  • 50% discount from the course price
    Only 499 NIS instead of 999
  • 2 frontal practice sessions: 
    Every Sunday we hold a practice session where you can go over the contents of the online course with a mentor, practice in front of an audience for a few minutes, and receive professional feedback on your performance + tips for improvement.
  • Consultation with an expert (on presentations/audience fear)
    A telephone consultation in which you will define goals, and receive guidance on how to improve abilities / safety in front of an audience
  • 100% credit for purchasing a frontal course
    If you later want to purchase our face-to-face course, you will receive a credit for the full price of the online course.

The promotion is for a limited time and will end without notice. Take advantage of the opportunity and register now!

מתקשים להירשם לקורס: הנה הסבר איך לעשות זאתאיך להירשם לקורס דיגיטלי

Course Features

  • Lectures 24
  • Quizzes 0
  • Duration 3 hours
  • Skill level All levels
  • Language Hebrew
  • Students 133
  • Assessments Yes





    Rabbi Shai Ben-Odiz is Public speaking lecturer ומנהל את מערך המכירות בביה"ס.
    Shay is a graduate of the premium course, December 2016 class, and came to us to overcome a severe fear of the public that prevented him from succeeding in his other role: community rabbi. After finishing the course, he was a mentor, the manager of our debate club, and after a few years in which he returned to Kollel to study law, he returned to us to manage the sales system.

    ₪999.00 ₪780.00