Course Overview

Course Overview

Online for the first time: the public speaking course that solved stage fear in 3,900 Israelis

מיומנויות שכנוע והסברה

Course structure

This is the online course that accompanies (or replaces) the public speaking course. Here you will learn all the tools and techniques you learn in the standard public speaking course, and you will also receive assignments and exercises to improve your performance and confidence


A few words about stage anxiety - The course helps to overcome anxieties, pressure and tension that appear while speaking in front of an audience (fear of speaking manifests itself in different ways: damage to the speech sequence, black-out, tension, stuttering, etc.). The course provides an in-depth answer to the phenomenon, but for those who suffer from particularly acute anxiety, it is recommended to add A special workshop for speech phobia. For more information, you can read an extensive explanation of how the course solves Audience anxiety or watch the presentation Fear of crowds as a social phobia, by a psychologist who graduated from the course.


The content of the lesson


The structure of the speech

The structure of the speech and how to organize it. Preparation of effective chapter heads. Create a persuasive speech in seconds notice. Dealing with black outs and malfunctions



How to explain myself better by developing arguments. How to produce quality content with the help of simple examples, how to leverage and explain complex topics


and speech disorders

How to manage questions so that they contribute to the speech and do not interfere with it. How to deal with interruptions and outbursts. How to answer when you don't know the answer


speech analysis
and feedback

How to get quality feedback for a speech and thus learn to improve
How to analyze speeches and identify weaknesses and strengths. How to give feedback to others


5 promises in terms of audience anxiety

5 promises in terms of persuasiveness

  • Drastic decrease in stage fright
    Sometimes until the complete disappearance of the phobia
  • A sense of control over the speech
    You could manage to continue it at any time and in front of any audience
  • Reduction in physical symptoms
    such as blushing, sweating, trembling, stuttering and more
  • Disappearance of mental symptoms
    such as black-outs, difficulty concentrating, tendency to short-circuit and more
  • A reduction in the urge to avoid
    You don't have to give up opportunities to speak in front of an audience
  • Ability to speak at any time and on any subject
    Reasonably - not flashy or brilliant, but respectable
  • Speak well about your professional field
    To convey an interesting, understandable and convincing message
  • ToOrganize your thoughts
    So that the audience can follow, understand, and remember
  • Dealing with questions, interruptions and arguments
    in a way that respects you and the other party
  • Ability to use PowerPoint presentations well
    and other aids including even a board and chalk...)

If you are students in the physical course

You are welcome to use this course to repeat the material, for additional emphasis and as another tool to learn and succeed.

Of course, it does not replace the course, but will help with anything that was not clear enough in the lectures or in the book

If you study only here

This course requires learning and repetition like any normal course. Therefore, take care of a notebook and writing utensils, and be sure to write down any questions you have


Course Features

  • Lectures 76
  • Quizzes 2
  • Duration 9 hours
  • Skill level All levels
  • Language Hebrew
  • Students 156
  • Assessments Yes




₪999.00 ₪780.00