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"Any time is a good time for self-marketing", career counselors and business coaches will say, and there is no better time than today.

Whether you're a freelancer who needs to expand your customer base and increase revenue, or an employee who wants a promotion (or is afraid of being fired), you have a lot to gain from showing the environment your true value.

Proper self-marketing does not involve flattering the boss or having conversations with clients and saying a lot of "I" - even the opposite. Proper self-marketing is to make the people around you partners, clients, employers, colleagues - and people with the potential to be such - see for themselves your value and perhaps spread it further.

The difficulty in self-marketing

Many people find it very difficult to market themselves because it feels arrogant and disrespectful to them. Although they know it is important for career success, they feel it is pushed and not 'deserved'. The reasons for this are related to puberty when we were subjected to brutal pressures not to stand out too much, and on the other hand, pressures to stand out all the time.

The result is a lot of opportunities that are wasted or go to less talented people who know how to market themselves better. And it's a shame.

The course of the workshop

The workshop includes theories and techniques from the fields of psychology and marketing that will help your advantages stand out without being seen as arrogant. Techniques from the field of psychology are used,

On the emotional side, we will learn to neutralize the self-criticisms and distortions of thinking because of which we do not do things that we know we should. We will dismantle all kinds of barriers such as the concept that 'those who are really good don't need to market themselves (lol), or that self-marketing must look like that in order to be successful (on the contrary. Self-marketing that is seen as such stops working).

On the marketing side, we will learn how to present your advantages in a way that will never be considered arrogant. which makes it possible to take fairly ordinary achievements and make people appreciate them on a 'wow' level.

What do you get in the workshop?

How to take advantage of opportunities to sell ourselves, and how to do everything without looking pushy.
The workshop is intended for those who feel they are not getting enough appreciation, who five minutes after the call ends remembers the punch line that would have closed the deal, and who is bothered by the fact that his managers or his clients do not remember the value he gave them.

Course Features

  • Lectures 6
  • Quizzes 1
  • Duration 50 minutes
  • Skill level Beginner
  • Students 73
  • Assessments Yes

    Guy Yariv is the founder and director of the public speaking school in academia and organizations throughout the country.
    Guy founded the public speaking school in 2007, after lecturing at the academy in the fields of debate and rhetoric and seeing that there was no answer for people who also want to improve confidence and performance.
    Guy fights for every student and every exercise, always stays last and stands behind the school's guarantee that every student finishes the course satisfied at 100%!

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