Mentors' workshop for speaking in front of an audience - beginners


What's in the workshop?

The mentors' workshop is intended for recent graduates of the public speaking course who want to join the circle of mentors and guide in our reinforcements. The workshop will teach you how to give others the knowledge and confidence you have already acquired and in this way acquire more confidence and more knowledge for yourself. In addition, you will acquire more advanced tools for feedback for yourself and others.

This workshop will teach the basic rules of mentoring and allow you to start mentoring students under the supervision of a more experienced mentor. In the advanced workshops you will learn how to guide and teach content, how to deal with anxiety attacks of others (and of yourself) and more.

For whom the workshop is intended: graduates who want to be tutors for speaking in front of an audience

The workshop is intended for graduates The course for standing in front of an audience, who finished it successfully and gave at least two feedbacks to the speakers during it.

It is important to emphasize that the level of your speech and also the level of fear of the audience is less important at this stage - we are going to continue to upgrade you, and in any case a veteran mentor will accompany you in the first reinforcements. That is why it is possible to participate in the digital workshop successfully and you can also start being a mentor even if you feel that your speech level is not good enough or that your fear of the audience has not yet disappeared.

Workshop structure: videos and an exam at the end

The workshop has 8 short lessons (3-7 minutes each) that explain the administrative and educational aspects of the tutor's work.
At the end of the workshop you will have to answer a short test that will test your listening and your mastery of techniques - and hop… you are ready!

Workshop graduates are recommended to join to the Facebook group And our WhatsApp

And a few weeks after you finished the workshop and participated in some reinforcements, you are invited For a follow-up workshop for advanced tutors

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Course Features

  • Lectures 10
  • Quizzes 0
  • Duration 50 minutes
  • Skill level All levels
  • Students 49
  • Assessments Yes

    Eitan manages our mentor system. He is the one who turns the recent graduates into mentors who can guide and teach the next cohort how to perform in front of an audience. Eitan is a graduate of the class of May 2015, and came to us as an insurance professional with an acute fear of crowds that prevented him from participating in meetings and trainings. Eitan was such an invested and committed student that at the end of the course he became a mentor, then an instructor, and since 2016 he has been leading the mentoring system. Eitan's permanent smile accompanies generations of students and many of them owe their success to him.