Blessings and obituaries workshop - in light of the situation at a special discount


We have thousands of brothers and friends to eulogize. In light of the situation, the workshop is at a special discount: use coupon code remember-2023
For a 50% discount

* The workshop was planned in advance to guide people to bless and eulogize. Over the years we directed it to happy events, so please understand.*

How to greet on any occasion - a holiday, birthday, Bat Mitzvah or a toast at work - and succeed in conveying an original, moving and effective greeting to a friend within minutes.
And the best? The formula includes a crowd-fear protection technique!

The purpose of the workshop

Greetings at festive events is a special type of public speaking that everyone should do - and should do well.
Because a good greeting can charm an audience, improve our status and our relationship with the audience
And it is also a way to express feelings that sometimes there is no other opportunity to express them
(Because how many times does a child have a Bar Mitzvah or a best friend have a wedding?).
On the other hand, when you greet halfheartedly, or when you stutter in the middle, it looks bad, so acquiring the ability to greet well is important.
Yes, yes, a formula that brings out emotional and spontaneous blessings. and originality. start over each time!

The structure of the workshop

In 50 minutes, and with the help of 20 short videos, you will get to know our secret blessing formula, which has already warmed thousands of happy events (and comforted several hundred sad events).

What does the workshop aim to achieve?

Speaking in front of an informal audience (eg family and friends, and even a toast at work) is sometimes a more complicated challenge than speaking in front of a formal audience at work. On the one hand, you have to make an effort for it to turn out well, on the other hand, you must not be seen as someone who is making an effort. There is the difficulty of navigating between being informal on the one hand and looking disrespectful on the other, and in the background the risk of an unfunny joke or an insulting compliment.

Beyond the objective difficulty of greeting well, there is the element of fear of the audience.
- Some feel 'protected' behind the position, the title or the suit. For others, the problem is personal tensions - for example with the mother-in-law or the old aunt ("When will you get married?"), and there are also those who want to be more lighthearted and entertaining and don't know how.

Course Features

  • Lectures 18
  • Quizzes 0
  • Duration 70 minutes
  • Skill level All levels
  • Students 49
  • Assessments Yes