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How we helped thousands of Israelis overcome anxiety and perform confidently in front of an audience

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בית הספר לדיבור מול קהל - הפתיחה החגיגית"Speaking in front of an audience is something that everyone needs - and everyone can!"

Guy Yariv - founder


Who we are

The public speaking school founded by Guy Yariv develops and imparts public speaking skills in Hebrew and English. Whether you have never stood in front of an audience or whether you are experienced speakers, you will be able to acquire new and useful knowledge that will help you in your professional life and enrich your private life. The school organizes activities on the campus in the area of the Diamond Exchange in Ramat Gan and throughout the country, as well as publishes articles and instructional books.

We believe in a lot of hard work, including practical practice in front of a real audience, techniques that have passed countless tests, professional personal feedback after each practice and most importantly - Cohesive support groups of students who guarantee that the success will continue even after the course is over!

The courses have proven themselves to such an extent that they are today backed by an exclusive guarantee: a participant who is not 100% satisfied at the end of the course will get his money back!

Courses and lectures for organizations

Not only private individuals, also organizations can (and should!) benefit from our professional programs. We can tailor a program for each organization that suits its needs.
Whether you are a classified unit that wants to upgrade the appearance of officers in front of the command, a law firm that wants to improve the persuasiveness of its litigators, a religious movement that prepares rabbis for missions abroad - or any other type of organization - together we will find the tools to achieve your goals!

What plans do we have?

The school offers a variety of courses, consulting workshops and integrated programs

courses and workshops

Each of our programs is made up of a series of sessions, all of which have been tested and approved by psychologists, each of which includes theory, practice and feedback.

The techniques we teach have been tested in extreme pressure situations and have been proven to improve performance, confidence and persuasiveness. They will work successfully even at a moment's notice.

Our practice is done in front of real groups, at school and in the general public, and is done under gradual pressure: we start gently and reach a level no less difficult than the real world.

Constructive and professional feedback is the secret ingredient to reducing audience fear. After each practice, each participant receives individual feedback with tips for improvement. In the next meeting we will check that the feedback and tips are indeed working, to make sure you are on the right track.

outdoor activities

The school holds a variety of external activities for students, graduates and the public:

  • mentors club where the graduates come to support the new students
  • Debate who represents us in competitions
  • TED-style lecture events for the general public
  • A team of volunteer lecturers who come to nursing homes and needy organizations to deliver lectures in a variety of fields.

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The debate club
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