Where are those 70% with speech-anxiety
If everyone around you seem confident?
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It sounds trivial but once you look at it.
And there are many more secrets, and techniques - Ony available to our students -
Who enjoy our 16 years of experience!

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Our 2 unbeatable offerings: Our exclusive clinical diagnosis that measures fear of crowds with such accuracy that predict our results and give you written guarantee. And our 100% comitment to overcoming speech anxiety backed by a huge portfolio of tools that sovles any probllem you may have, tessted with live audience

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3,900 graduates - here are their stories

And we also have hundreds of business customers...

And we also have hundreds of business customers...

Our team of tutors and guides

Public speaking courses and programs

All our team of advisors and tutors are graduates of the school.
Everyone was once a skeptical student in the first class.
Everyone faced fear of the crowd and the difficulties in the course.
Their victory over anxiety is our strongest proof!

About the public speaking school

The oldest, the biggest, the best quality
Since 2007 we have been teaching to perform in front of an audience and overcome stage fright. The CEO is responsible for the high standards and uncompromising quality: Guy Yariv, champion of the country in debate and chief judge of the European Championship.

flying over ourselves? Here is proof!
Each of our 3,900 graduates received a written commitment that if at the end of the course he is not 100% satisfied, for any reason in the world (!) he will receive a full refund.

How do you achieve such results? Working
Each of our plans incorporates the dual formula to improve performance and security. Add a lot of practice with an increasing degree of difficulty, and improvement through personal feedback for each participant full of tips for improvement.

Who studies with us? Everyone!
From Eilat to the Druze villages in Hermon, from Herzliya Pituach to Rahat,
Mander for formation for the Palmach pensioners.
Everyone had a fear of crowds, with emphasis on 'was'.

מועדון הדיבייט

תיגבור: היכרות למתחילים וחונכים חדשים

6:00 p.m. - 9:00 p.m
The public speaking school
השבוע יש לנו גם מפגש תיגבור שבו הקורס החדש לדיבור מול קהל מגיע לראשונה + ובמקביל הבוגרים הטריים של מחזור מרץ מתחילים להגיע כחונכים! מפגש...
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פיתוח קול סדנה עם ארז חכם

Everything from the voice: a workshop for voice development and speaking correctly in front of an audience

6:30 p.m. - 9:00 p.m
Public speaking school
Have you ever seen someone speaking in front of an audience who time after time has trouble understanding his words? People worry "What did he say?" Again and again.. Maybe the opposite happened to you,...
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איתן מלקר

A winning presentation workshop with Eitan Melker

9:30 am - 12:30 pm
The public speaking school
Let's polish your presentations to the next level. An advanced presentation workshop will upgrade your presentation in two aspects: both the design and content of the PowerPoint, and the content,...
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More graduate stories

Maya Arad-Yasaur She is a valued creator whose plays have been performed on stages around the world and in Israel. And starting this year, she is also a lecturer in drama as part of undergraduate studies in theater at the kibbutzim seminary. Maya is also a graduate of the January 2014 graduation of the Public Speaking School. This is what she wrote to us ten years later:

Dear Guy,

In 2014 I came to you, a beginning playwright, who does all possible detours to avoid speaking in front of an audience: in high school I refused to lecture the class about


Biotope work. I got a 100 for the work, but the final grade was a weighting of the work and the lecture that wasn't there (70). In the army I was required to lecture my colleagues about new equipment we received, so I refused and stayed on Saturday. Prices you can live with, right? At least that's what I thought to myself, and continued to avoid. and avoid And not to go near the places where I might be forced into that obviously unbearable state where all words are forgotten by me, my mind is covered in foggy pulp, and my vocal cords declare a strike.

It is very common in the theater that after the plays there is a conversation between the creators and the audience, so when I started to succeed and was asked to go on stage and talk to my audience - I realized that there was a problem here. At first I dodged - what I knew how to do best. Then I found myself again and again sitting on a stage in front of a small or large audience, cutting things short, twisting in a chair. "Speak louder!" Someone always shouted. "We don't hear!"......So I signed up for your course.

During the ten years that have passed since I finished the course, I have sat on stages in Israel and around the world and talked about my work quite a bit, in Hebrew and English. The first few times, I hid a card in my pocket with three chapter heads written on it, always "pulled out", like some kind of tranquilizer. Little by little I broke up with her too. After years of abstinence - today I even teach; Just standing in front of a class of students and talking about what I know best. And I even enjoy it. So thank you!

Maya Arad-Yasaur, playwright and drama lecturer

מאיה ערד יסעור - מחזאית ומרצה לדרמה
המלצה לקורס דיבור מול קהל מיועצת חינוכית Legia, I want to thank you for a meaningful course that strengthens and enriches, a course that teaches that empowers and develops. I want to thank you for a life course! Thank you for the attention, time and professionalism that you always pushed to improve and utilize abilities, for the opportunity to be part of a big change. Thank you for making the impossible possible
read more..., and by and large. You don't give up on anyone (and anyone) along the way you made sure to reflect my abilities, skills and value to me, and not just in front of an audience, and throughout the whole way. Without a doubt, the moment I started the course with you changed my life. You give personal treatment that strengthens, accompaniment all along the way that leads to results, with a lot of investment in content, study, feedback, events, practices and workshops Much appreciated, Hila

Hila is a graduate of the February 2023 class, she is a master's degree student in educational counseling, and integrates into special education.

Recommendation from Mahila, an education student

So I apologize again that I was absent from the morning of your presentations, but I am supplementing from the videos Guy publishes, you are very interesting and impressive! So I'm sharing some photos with you, my morning was not wasted either: I participated in the open day of Tel Aviv University, and I told the candidates why they should go to study two degrees at the same time, in mechanical engineering and exact sciences. I also had to explain in about 5 minutes what I do in my professional life in a clear way, just like you, and although I did not use the presentation of the actual course, I used the content that I delivered then and added a lot of examples that I did not have two years ago. So I'm glad you finished the course successfully, and you don't know where Friday's presentation will meet you tomorrow 😉

Ira Tsyganov, engineer


Dear Guy I had the pleasure of taking part in the public speaking course you taught.

I say this as someone with years of experience Speaking in front of an audience and without fear. The professional skills, the practice in every lesson, the insights, the structure, the loyalty to the professional value and the human attitude taught me a lot in this magical world of communication between the one and the many.
I see you and make an effort even as a personal trainer for the rest of the way. Life is not summed up in "understanding" but in "communicating" and infecting many with good initiatives and an ethical way. you've got it.
A blessing It's due.
Thank you Ronan Seti
עו"ד רומן סטי ממליץ על קורס דיבור מול קהל

Attorney Ronan Seti - founder of Moshav Hadin

Premium course graduate September 2022
The story of Tal Harut, an economist and a graduate of public speaking school
"The path I went through cannot be described...
I always dreamed of standing up and speaking spontaneously, without filters, without getting stuck. Go up and talk about everything simply, calmly and fun...
I came excitedly to the course and also left it excitedly, about an achievement and a peak I conquered here... Today, with lots of good and useful tips, I manage to speak more easily, I simply enjoy speaking in front of an audience and look forward to these invitations every time. Huge thanks!

Tal Harot - Economist

טל מספרת על דיבור מול קהל
The story of Baha Khatib, a start-up and founder of the largest economic portal in the Arabic language in Israel
"I lost a lot and I have lost a lot until now because I avoided it, and to a person who helped me believe that it could be solved and gave me practical tools, I will say thank you...
After 29 years I started to get rid of a problem in my life thanks to you!
Professionally, you are above and beyond. And from a personal point of view you give and give, and it is so not obvious
Baha'i Khatib
Founder and CEO

Khativ Baha - Start Apist

Hi, this is Karen (:קרן שקד קידום אתרים
I also finished Guy's public speaking course a year and a half ago. I can testify that this course changed me so much!
Suddenly it doesn't feel like the end of the world when I have to speak in front of people, I don't stress about it so easily. I accept the excitement and understand that what I feel is not always projected outward, certainly not after a lot of practice and after I jumped into the water, to the depth of the problem.

Keren Shaked - website promoter

קרן שקד קידום אתרים
Before the course, I could hardly raise my hand in class and ask the lecturer. At the end of the course, I could already give briefings at the center where I worked and be clear enough to see that all the other AHMS were even more afraid of me. Last month I stood in front of 250 people and made them cry. Eden Harel hugged me and the organizers told me that if they had known I would speak like that they would have put me the main speaker.

Adv. Rivka Shapedo

Graduated from the July 2018 class
עו"ד רבקה שפדוב, דיבייט

events and activities

תיגבור: היכרות למתחילים וחונכים חדשים
6:00 p.m. - 9:00 p.m
The public speaking school
A winning presentation workshop with Eitan Melker
9:30 am - 12:30 pm
The public speaking school
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What is more important than a first impression?

Many people treat first impressions as the most important thing there is. Even public speaking coaches like to repeat the cliché that 'there is no second chance to make a first impression'. For them, this is a good way to stress students and sound serious. And it cannot be denied that the first image

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פרפקציוניזם וכישלון מול קהל

Conquering the fear of the crowd is conquering perfectionism.

Here is a lovely report sent this morning on our course's WhatsApp group. Of all the reports of success that the students shared, it stood out because it was a report of failure, but there was so much value in that failure that for me it teaches more than many successes. failure in battle

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Beat crowd fear in 3 steps

First step: accurate measurement of anxiety

Any successful treatment must begin with a correct diagnosis
That's why every participant who wants to accept our commitment to victory over crowd fear first goes through a comprehensive questioning according to our exclusive diagnostic protocol. Together we will accurately measure your audience's anxiety: symptoms, triggers, accompanying anxieties, history, etc. At the end of the phase you will receive an accurate diagnosis and 2-4 possible recommendations for a solution. of your choice

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Step two: Choose the program that suits *you*

Based on the diagnosis, our consultants will show you the 2-4 possible routes that will bring you to the place you aspire to in terms of anxiety. Whether your dream is to get through the upcoming presentation safely or a dream of a life with zero fear of audiences - we have a plan for you. With a commitment!

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Step three: Sign up and get started Our practical programs - both physical and online - combine a lot of practice with a gradually increasing difficulty level, together with techniques that have proven themselves thousands of times and the magic ingredient: individual feedback with personal tips after each practice. Those who complete the course simply cannot stay with anxiety. And we commit to this in writing!

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