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Guy Yariv, Founder


Since 2007 Guy Yariv School of public speaking teaches every aspect of delivering messages – speeches, presentations, debate, briefings, sermons – You name it!

Our professional successes, backed by our 100% No-Matter-What Satisfaction Guarantee and our stringent entrance and evaluation processes make us world leaders in overcoming speech anxiety and making public speaking skills available to everyone.

We believe in hard work including real-life practice, group support network, proven technicques and personalized professional feedback after every practice.

Corporate Workshops And Courses

Organiations and institutions can comission taylor-made courses and one-day workshop and lectures to their staff, managers or clients.


The school offers a wide array of courses and workshops.   


Our course programs are psychologist-approved and made of a series of sessions, each divided to technique, practice and feedback.

Technique means we teach proven methods to improve appearance, content and cofidence, even when being asked to speak on a moment’s notice.

Practice means every participant will speak to live audience in every session.  We start easy and gradually raise standards and pressures up to ‘real-world’ standards, and beyond.

Feedback is very important to us, as it connects theory with practice.  After every practice every participant recieves professional, detailed and constructive feedback with personalized tips.

Off-Campus Activities

The school operates its own debate club, Tutoring sessions, TED-style events, and runs a delegation of volunteer-lecturers assisting needing institutions.

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